About the Buckeyes


Build self-confidence

Being a twirler is more than just being an athlete. Being a twirler means exercising poise and sportsmanship. but, more than anything, twirling builds self-confidence and friendships.




Competitions Make us Better twirlers

The twirling Buckeyes sponsor two competitions each year. The State Solo competition in November and Miss Majorette Of Ohio held in April. As a team we also travel throughout central Ohio to many different competitions participating in both team and individual events. The Buckeyes even have the opportunity to participate in regional, national and world competitions.


Being a buckeye means opportunities

One favorite activity is performing at the Arnold Expo. We have a performing space where we interact with visitors to the contest.




Showing our love for twirling

Yearly we have the opportunity to march in both the Worthington Memorial Day parade and the Dublin Fourth of July parade.

Halftime Shows

College Halftime Performances

As Twirling Buckeyes, we are lucky to have the opportunity to perform at central Ohio college basketball games.




Twirling Buckeyes love supporting the nation's collegiate feature twirlers by sponsoring a summer clinic taught by some of the most talented twirlers around. This clinic helps to spark interest in "Twirler for a Day" events at colleges and universities.

Be a Twirling Buckeye!